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Intense/fundamental workshop by Cyril


Cyril is one of Place des Cordes’ funder, he’s teaching on a weekly basis in Paris. He has a deep curiosity about connective ropes and practices mostly minimal ropes when the opportunity arises.


What level is expected?

This is an all level workshop. By that, do not consider it’s a beginner workshop only. Yes, basics will be covered, and beginners are more than welcome, but those are the kind of basics that are usually not covered during a pure technical class (who said Ikea?).

Sometimes, it is said that one needs to know how to draw a line or a circle before drawing freely, same goes for shibari. Learning a complex form such as a TK is a good thing, but it is also pertinent, if not vital, to ask oneself why we do ropes, how do we communicate non-verbally through ropes, but also to learn how to handle the ropes, the model’s body, our own body and apprehend all the tools provided by the ropes so we can master the consequences of each of our movements.

This 2 days workshop offers to go back to the fundamental basics that underline shibari. The technical portion will mostly focus on rope handling and body handling while each potential vector of connection will be studied in depth during short exercises of increasing complexity and depths.

Nonverbal communication is the main cornerstone of this workshop and participants need to understand that this week-end might be emotionally intense for some.

The opportunity to switch posture and explore those tools both as a rigger and as a model will be given during the whole workshop.


What is needed?

  • An open heart

  • A partner

  • At least one rope, no more than four.



6 pairs will be the maximum.

Cyril will teach in English, he is native speaker French. I and Isith also can translate to German.

Staying overnight at the dojo is possible, there will be food and also a rope jam on Saturday evening/night for the participants and friends.


Send me a message if you would like to be there.

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